Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat: Workouts You Should Learn

It is very important to make exercises part of your routine if you want to lose belly fat. Starving your self and not working out may cause you to get fat. We need to eat everyday and when we eat majority of the fat stores up in our belly. As time goes on the fat builds up not only in your stomach but your entire body. This is when your confidence starts to drop and then your whole life is effected. In order to solve this problem not only do you need to eat right but also ned to know the best exercises to lose belly fat.

Effective Exercises To Help You Lose Belly Fat 

1.) Situps/Crunches- The best exercises to lose belly fat are situps and crunches. When one does situp they lie flat on their back. Put your hands behnd your head. Raise your upper body towards your knees. Hold for about 10 seconds then go back down. If you do 100 of these a day you will see results in no time.  

2.) Running-  This is one of the most forgotten exercises you can do to rid of fat thats stored in your belly. People are so focused on weight training the truth is this activity burns the fat in your mid section the fastest. Running on a treadmil a mile a day will work wonders for your belly fat.

3.) Hula-Hoop- As you get older you forget about doing the activities that were so fun to you and your friends. Doing a physcial activity thats fun will help you lose belly fat fast Doing Hula-hoop requires some of the strongest muscles of your stomach.. Using a bigger hoop is better because it takes more time to go round. Doing this for 10 mins a day will show major results to your abdominal area.

4.) Hanging Leg Lift - This exercise is harder then others but very effective. You need a bar to hang on with both of your arms. Grab the bar with both of your hands being in a 90 degree angle. You do not need your upper body for anything but to support your hang. Keeping your back straight sowly rise your legs towards your stomach and hold for 3-5 seeconds and bring back down slowley. You should do 4-5 sets with 10 repetition in each set. The results for this exercise should be amazing if done correcty.

5.) Bicycling Flat On Your Back - The great thing about this exercise is you can do it anywhere and get maximum results. Lay flat on your back and put your hands behind your head. Lift your eg toward your knees. Move your knees as if you were riding a bike. Do this for fifteen min daily and you will see results in no time.

Exercises That Are Fun For You:

In order to over come this enourmous task you need to have fun or else this mission will never be accomplished. Do activities that are fun and you know will make you sweat at the end of the day. fun activities including hiking, bicicling and much more.  These are just the few exercises to lose belly fat.

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